Why I went silent after Elvis Week

So, after Elvis Week, things were ramping up for me with a new video series, the radio show, my podcast and more. Then, I went into radio silence. Complete black out. WHY?

Gallstones. Y’all. If you ever want to get information out of me, just cause a gallbladder attack, I’ll spill the beans. Shew. I’ll tell ya what my mammy’s mammy had for dinner back in the 40’s…for real. I had a kidney stone back in the early 00’s…that was painful enough. This, at least in my own personal experience, was WAY worse.

I had ALL these amazing things set up to do beginning in September. I have so many amazing places in and around Memphis I’m going to be featuring in a new video series, and so many talented people I’ll be bringing onto my podcast. I’d been talking to folks, setting up specifics when one Friday I experienced what I thought was one of the most extreme cases of food poisoning ever. I fought it all weekend. Poor Aunt Connie was here when I started getting SICK SICK, and I looked at her and was like, “I think you need to go home, cause I don’t think you want to be here when this really hits.” She was like, “Say no more fam.” and was GONE. lol That’s true love right there.

When the weekend turned into over a week of pain that never subsided, I knew something was wrong. I suspected my appendix, and was horribly shocked when the doctor suspected my gallbladder! An ultrasound confirmed it, but also brought into play something else. The ultrasound revealed a stone was possibly lodged in the bile duct. THIS is what has caused 99% of the delay from discovering the problem in September to scheduling the surgery in January. I had one consultation with a surgeon that left me pissed off, and I was determined to find another one I liked. Through an amazing friend, I found my way to my current Surgeon who, unfortunately, confirmed what the first one told me, but was much kinder and less degrading in his approach. I was being told I was facing not one, but possibly two procedures if I did have that one stone stuck in the bile duct. I was beside myself upset. It’s bad enough when you find out you have to have surgery of any kind to begin with. Worst case scenario, they would go down my throat in the first procedure, and remove the stone from the bile duct and then follow that up with the laparoscopic procedure to remove my gallbladder. APPARENTLY, having a stone stuck in the bile duct is cause for major concern. They couldn’t just go in and remove the gallbladder first, as they had to be certain it wasn’t in that duct. If it was, and wasn’t removed properly, it could lead to organ failure. If it was, and they tried to remove the gallbladder first, and didn’t get it, it would mean going back in and CUTTING me open to get to it. NOPE. Let’s find out for certain.

Which lead to a second, much more intense, ultrasound which left me in pain on the couch all weekend afterwards. I had to go in as an outpatient to get this done, which should have warned me this wasn’t gonna be your average everyday ultrasound. Nope, I went into it totally naïve. The tech warned me it was going to be very painful, and I laughed. Well….she got the last laugh. She explained she would be pushing up under my ribcage, and directly down ON the gallbladder. I truly think she was enjoying herself. Then, when she still didn’t like what she saw, she turned me over on one side and beat on my back for a bit. Y’all. She was still not satisfied with the imaging, so she had me turn over onto my stomach and cough every few seconds for 15 minutes or so. She came back and turned me over and commenced to pushing that ultrasound gadget into my gallbladder again. OH, and I didn’t mention…she had me take a deep breath and HOLD it every time she was imaging my gallbladder. I nearly hyperventilated a couple times, no lie. Anyways, it took over an hour and I was near tears when I finally left.

Found this on the innerwebs…

I got the call a couple days later that the stone was NOT be in the bile duct, but was just hanging a smidge outside it, being the loser stoner that it was while still hanging out near it’s other stoner family members and we could commence to scheduling the laparoscopic procedure. The other 1% delay in scheduling surgery came from me, because at this point, we were 1/2 through December and I still hadn’t met my deductible for the year. I somehow convinced the surgeon to wait until January. I mean, if you’re already in pain, what’s another couple of weeks for deductible’s sake, right? (SAID IN TOTAL SARCASM) So, here we are. Surgery is next Tuesday (1/11). It’s outpatient, and Aunt Connie will be my limo driver to and fro. Let the good times roll.

Now, why did I tell y’all ALL that crap? To say this: I had been in talks with several folks to appear on my podcast and upcoming video series and just went AWOL in the middle of everything. Y’all, if you’ve never had gallbladder attacks, I can’t even begin to describe ’em. I’ve had a few gal pals tell me they were worse than child labor. I’m assuming that to be true, as I’ve never given birth, but I’ve heard enough stories to know it isn’t a pleasant and soothing ordeal. There were days it was all I could do to just breathe or talk. Once I’d pass one, another would hit. (NO, you don’t pass them when you go teetee, you pass them when you go poopoo…and it STILL isn’t fun) Add to that I was exposed to Covid, and everyone else here in my family (locally) got it, so I was sequestered away in hopes I didn’t come down with it (I didn’t). By then, it was the holidays and wham bam thank ya ma’am, here we are, sitting in January.

Anywooooo, I’m itching to get back to a regular radio recording schedule again. I’m not returning to a tv show, but I AM creating a new video series, and the podcast will return in earnest. I’m loving being at home resting, but I treasure my time around folks I enjoy and I’ve missed it tremendously. I miss y’all, I miss having fun, and I miss being pain free.

Y’all know me, I’ll be sure to provide full details of my surgery experience, with a humorous spin for sure. I’ve given Aunt Connie the go ahead to get video of me out of it. Should make for a fun post or two, I’m sure. If I’m being 100% honest, I’m nervous and scared, but more about getting the dang IV than having the actual surgery. I know, I know, I’m weird.

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I'm a TV and International Radio host, contributing columnist to DeVille Magazine, motivational speaker, podcaster, blogger, and so much more. I love my fur babies, I love Memphis, Elvis, and all things music! Having toured internationally as a singer/songwriter in the past, it's my joy to once again be working on new music for 2022. There are so many new things on my horizon in the new year, won't you join me?! Authentically, joyfully, beautifully broken, and loudly ME.

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