Class Introductions

We had to introduce ourselves in one of my English classes today via our discussion board. We had questions we had to answer, and a meme we had to share as well. Enjoy!

Hi everyone. I’m really excited to be in this class with you all. I’d love to share a little bit about myself.

My favorite guilty pleasure is sleeping in during the weekends. This may sound boring, but I very rarely get the opportunity to do this. Coming in at a close second, I love to see movies at the theater alone as an escape from the real world. 

The single event that had the most significant impact on my life was my father’s death when I was just 24. He was the one person in my life that encouraged and believed in me no matter what. He always had my back. I spiraled into a massive depression when he died and felt lost for many years. He was only 43 and had his entire life ahead of him. His passing had a profound impact on my whole family. I grew into a much more compassionate and empathetic person because of my dad’s early death.

I’ve done many things I’m very proud of, but I have one that takes the cake. I am an entertainer/public figure, and I had the honor of being booked in Scotland for a 7-week tour to sing across the country several years ago. It was a dream come true! I want to say that going back to college after many years of being out of school is right up there with that fun accomplishment as well!

By being in this class, I expect to learn more ways of reaching my audience with impactful writing skills that I don’t have. I have a recurring column in a hot rod magazine where I write about any and all things. I’d love to amp that up with things I learn in this class. I’d love to learn how to write in a way that would help me write a book (or 20). I want to grasp better grammar skills overall.

Oh boy! I had so many directions I could go in choosing a meme that says something about my life, but I decided on this one in the end:

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