gerund or present participle: micromanaging

  1. control every part, however small, of (an enterprise or activity).

We’ve all had someone in our lives who attempts to micromanage every little thing you do. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves. I feel as if I’m one of the most loyal, reliable persons you will ever meet. However, I have a micromanager in my life. I feel as if they don’t trust anything entrusted to me to do. Ever.

I’ve even talked about this with my therapist. She deduces this person probably has some major trust issues in their personal life overall. I’d say that’s very true. It’s just so discouraging when I give my all and it’s never complimented, acknowledged or rewarded. I’m not whining. I’m just overtly curious as to why someone is this way, regardless of how many times over the years I’ve proven myself capable of the task at hand.

I’m curious; anyone else out there in blog-land ever had to deal with someone like this, (for years), and if so, how did you handle the situation?

Published by Kimber

I'm a TV and International Radio host, contributing columnist to DeVille Magazine, motivational speaker, podcaster, blogger, and so much more. I love my fur babies, I love Memphis, Elvis, and all things music! Having toured internationally as a singer/songwriter in the past, it's my joy to once again be working on new music for 2022. There are so many new things on my horizon in the new year, won't you join me?! Authentically, joyfully, beautifully broken, and loudly ME.

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