This Monday can take a freakin’ HIKE!

Y’all, I was done with this day at 7:57 a.m. this morning. I am super specific about that time because I looked at my watch mere seconds before all hell broke loose and it’s etched into my brain wall. At exactly 7:57 am this morning, I was walking from my kitchen to the cat roomContinue reading “This Monday can take a freakin’ HIKE!”

Resurrection Sunday!

Happy Easter, everyone! He is risen! The tomb is empty! We are set free from our sins! We have the promise of eternal life because of Jesus’ death on the cross and his resurrection three days later. If ever there was someone who didn’t deserve to be loved and saved by Jesus, it’s me. I’veContinue reading “Resurrection Sunday!”

Bartlett PD Citizens Police Academy, Field Day!

Public Disclaimer: if you’ve ever wanted to drive a police car like you stole it and NOT get arrested, or shoot a pistol, rifle or shotgun like a sharp shooter taking down a fugitive barricaded inside a house with hostages, this is the day you’ve been waiting for. Y’all. Outside of my singing tour inContinue reading “Bartlett PD Citizens Police Academy, Field Day!”

Bartlett PD Citizens Police Academy Week 6, Part 2, SWAT

The second half of this class was all about the SWAT division and man, was it cool! Men decked out in SWAT gear with their big-ass guns and vehicles and vests and manliness and whatnots. YAAEESSSS! Sign me UPPPP! Testosterone for daaaayyysss! It was what I’d imagine it’s like having the Extraction team there inContinue reading “Bartlett PD Citizens Police Academy Week 6, Part 2, SWAT”

Viva Las Vegas, The World’s Largest Rockabilly Event

The world’s largest Rockabilly event is gearing up to get underway April 14th-17th 2022 at The Orleans Hotel and Casino in Vegas. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the Rockabilly world in it’s truest form, this is the place to be. This year, due to the fact I had surgery and my Speedway Radio partnerContinue reading “Viva Las Vegas, The World’s Largest Rockabilly Event”

Bartlett PD Citizen Police Academy Week 6 (Part 1, CSI)

This was our last “classroom” event of our course before we graduate, and I’m truly going to miss this group of folks, and going to the Bartlett PD every week. I really like it there and ole Cap, along with the rest of the crew, has been so welcoming and made this 6 week courseContinue reading “Bartlett PD Citizen Police Academy Week 6 (Part 1, CSI)”

Yes, Yes, I know

I haven’t written my weekly Citizens Police Academy update yet. Y’all some impatient peeps is all I’m saying. I had an unexpected “global mental health” day off from work yesterday (they announced it back in February but I somehow missed the email) and took advantage of it by going to see a movie and spendingContinue reading “Yes, Yes, I know”

Bartlett PD Citizen’s Police Academy Week 5

Week 5 was our introduction into fight club. We had just 1 rule: We don’t talk about fight club. Pysch!!!! In all seriousness, it was all about Defensive Tactics with a dash of drones thrown in for good measure. I’ve gotta be honest, it proved to be a much more difficult subject to summarize forContinue reading “Bartlett PD Citizen’s Police Academy Week 5”

The Adventure to Buying My First Home Begins (or does it)

Hello all you lovelies. I know I’ve been silent since last week. I got busy, y’all. I had to watch Dateline Friday night, which is a 2 year old tradition Aunt Connie and I started doing during the pandemic. It stuck. We are now masterminds at murder in the armchair degree division. I also hadContinue reading “The Adventure to Buying My First Home Begins (or does it)”

Bartlett PD Citizens Police Academy Week 4

Y’all. First off, let me say this: I WAS SICK THE FIRST HALF OF THE WEEK AS WELL AS LAST WEEKEND and tried to get out of this week’s class but the Captain totally “coerced” me with “Awe man. You are going to miss a fun night” and even though that doesn’t LOOK like aContinue reading “Bartlett PD Citizens Police Academy Week 4”