Bartlett PD Citizen Police Academy, Week 1

Back in November ’21, I graduated from a 9 week Citizen Police Academy (CPA) course held by the Memphis Police Department at my local precinct. It was a blast, I learned a lot, made some new friends, and it was my first “real” adventure out with strangers since the pandemic hit. It was also veryContinue reading “Bartlett PD Citizen Police Academy, Week 1”

It’s Dolly’s Birthday

It’s the incomparable Dolly Parton’s birthday! For someone quoted as saying, ““If you see someone without a smile, give them yours.”, she sure has made a lot of folks smile with her quick wit, amazing songwriting talent and one of a kind vocals. She’s not just a talented singer/songwriter, the woman is an all ’roundContinue reading “It’s Dolly’s Birthday”

Why I went silent after Elvis Week

So, after Elvis Week, things were ramping up for me with a new video series, the radio show, my podcast and more. Then, I went into radio silence. Complete black out. WHY? Gallstones. Y’all. If you ever want to get information out of me, just cause a gallbladder attack, I’ll spill the beans. Shew. I’llContinue reading “Why I went silent after Elvis Week”

Betty White

A tribute to the life and legacy of the world’s Golden Girl There are few celebrity deaths that have hit the world collectively harder than the likes of those such as Elvis, Princess Diana, Robin Williams, Prince or Bowie. On New Year’s Eve, as I was watching a movie at home, the reports starting rollingContinue reading “Betty White”

The New Year is Upon Us

I don’t know about at YOUR house, but here at the Tomlinson Ranchero of Love, Christmas blew through like it had somewhere to be RIGGGHHH NOW! Lol It was a good one, though. For the first time in 2 years, my family gathered for about an hour here locally (in Memphis). I was off workContinue reading “The New Year is Upon Us”

DeVille Magazine and it’s Memphis Connection

My dear friends, Billie Jayne DeVille and John Parnell, have been working on something really cool over in South Carolina for months now, and it’s finally time to share it with the world! Cue the dancing divas and topless men with toned abs while holding axes…..(I said that out loud, didn’t I?) They are theContinue reading “DeVille Magazine and it’s Memphis Connection”

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby…

Let’s talk about you and meLet’s talk about all the good thingsAnd the bad things that may be. Salt-N-Peppa for the win, BABY. Gotcha to look! hahaha! OK, in all honesty, we aren’t gonna be talkin about sex. Nope. As a matter of fact, we are gonna be talking about one of the most polarContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby…”

2022 brings new adventures to Kimber-land

You may have noticed I’ve not had a new radio show in a couple weeks, and don’t plan to be back on air until around mid December. I’ve also not had much going on with social media, tv, etc. There have been a lot of changes with me, my brand and my health over theContinue reading “2022 brings new adventures to Kimber-land”

VOLK, Hillbilly Casino & The Delta Bombers

Howdy. On my last blog post, I mentioned that we are already in October. Well, here we are, nearly 1/2 way through already. Dang. Is anyone else having real coping issues in dealing with how fast our year has flown by? Just me? Ok, then. ( won’t mention how I’ve already put my Christmas treeContinue reading “VOLK, Hillbilly Casino & The Delta Bombers”