Pinup Models!

That’s right, I have friends in the Pinup World! I LOVE these gals so much! I know Y’ALL will love them, too! I’m super excited to showcase these lovely ladies who are doing their thang and kicking butt in the process! Take a look around and then go support them over on their social media sites!

Miss Billie Jayne DeVille

Meet Miss Billie Jayne DeVille, the ultimate pinup model, pinstripe artist, and one of the proprietors of DeVille Magazine! She has graced the cover and interior of several pinup & hot rod mags, she’s super talented and highly sought after for her amazing pinstriping skills, and she’s just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! She is really big on WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN, which is just one more reason to love her!

Check her out on the gram at @billiesqueeze.

Miss Rayzen Hell

Miss Rayzen Hell here! If it involves cars, pinup, a cold drink, and raising some hell count me in! I absolutely love being in the car scene.

I love hosting car shows, pinup contest, and doing pinup photography. I love to make people smile. I am really big on self-improvement and women empowerment. I think it is super important for women to know their worth. I started a group called Pinups and Pumps which is North Carolina’s largest pinup group in the state.  The group started with pinup photography. I want every woman, no matter what personal battles or emotional/physical scares she has to feel beautiful in her own skin. Women change with seasons.  We are the most complex mammals in the world. We endure so much all around sometimes we lose who we really are. We make mistakes…we beat ourselves up for it. We feel pain…we have to hide it and put a smile on our face like all is well. We grow up, we get married, we birth kids, and we lose sight of who we REALLY are! I want every woman to feel sexy again, embrace her curves no matter her size, and to SMILE a REAL SMILE! Pinups and pumps is not just photography we are a sisterhood that shares the passion for the vintage lifestyle!

Check her out on the gram at @miss_rayzen_hell

Miss Scarlet DeVille

Scarlett, a dear friend of mine whom I absolutely adore, is a Chicago-based curvy tattooed pinup model who has been published multiple times with multiple covers. She was my very first guest on my “Kimber, Elvis, and Everyday Rockstars” podcast and she’s truly amazing! I’m excited to feature Scarlet, as she’s a great example of a woman with grit, who’s overcome great adversity to be where she is today! Kickin’ butt and taking names while making all her dreams come true.

Check her out on the gram at @scarletdevillepinup

Miss Ava Fairlane

I am a sweet Georgia peach with subtle nuances of a true femme fatale, but with the sensibilities and wholesome appeal of the all-American girl next door. An analog girl in a digital world, I love all things vintage (except vintage values) especially fast cars and bikes and anything pin striped. A true Leo, I love being the center of attention and can be over the top at times but that’s what makes me fun. I always want to be in the sunlight doing anything outside, preferably on the beach. My big love for animals has given me a great career as a veterinary nurse, advocating for those animals who don’t have voices, and my love of vintage culture has lead me around the country getting dolled up to pay tribute to the classic vintage pinups of the 50’s & 60’s.

Check her out on the gram at @ragdollavafairlane

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