What’s up, fine people

Howdy y’all. I know. I’ve been in the void otherwise known as college, work, life. Who knew going back to school 31 years after you were last there would be sooo much work? Ok yeah. We all knew. What I didn’t expect, though, was to feel intimidated to write on here while having to writeContinue reading “What’s up, fine people”

I know, I know

I’m behind on my blog posts. The past week got super busy and I’ve had a lot of interest in being interviewed for several projects, the radio show is being spruced up, the podcast is nearly booked solid with future guests lined up in the wings, and life has just been…cray cray! I love it!Continue reading “I know, I know”

Bartlett PD Citizen Police Academy Week 6 (Part 1, CSI)

This was our last “classroom” event of our course before we graduate, and I’m truly going to miss this group of folks, and going to the Bartlett PD every week. I really like it there and ole Cap, along with the rest of the crew, has been so welcoming and made this 6 week courseContinue reading “Bartlett PD Citizen Police Academy Week 6 (Part 1, CSI)”

Ukraine, Russia, An Emerging Sex Symbol, & The Love of Pets

Y’all, please bear with me while I give some eye-glazing facts before I get to the more superficial stuff. I think it’s necessary to know what’s happening before we drool over our newly emerging hero in all this or cry over the animal lovers with their devotion to their beloved pets we see pictured fleeingContinue reading “Ukraine, Russia, An Emerging Sex Symbol, & The Love of Pets”