Why I went silent after Elvis Week

So, after Elvis Week, things were ramping up for me with a new video series, the radio show, my podcast and more. Then, I went into radio silence. Complete black out. WHY? Gallstones. Y’all. If you ever want to get information out of me, just cause a gallbladder attack, I’ll spill the beans. Shew. I’llContinue reading “Why I went silent after Elvis Week”

Elvis Week 2021~The Candlelight Vigil

As I write this, Elvis Week has officially “left the building” here in Memphis, but that doesn’t mean there’s a little less conversation to be had. Oh, contraire! Everyone is still all shook up from all the fun that was had, and we carry a burning love in our hearts for the man, the myth,Continue reading “Elvis Week 2021~The Candlelight Vigil”