Another Class Introduction

I am taking two classes this semester. ENG1010-L02 English Composition I and ENG 0810 English Support Writing. I shared with y’all the other day my intro for English Support. Today, I share my introduction for English Comp I. (These are mandatory, graded and have to be formatted in the way presented.) I think they areContinue reading “Another Class Introduction”

The Newspaper Article

Let me start off by saying, I know I’m a day late and a dollar short in blogging. I’ve been busy. I mean, like I look up and it’s bedtime, or way past it and I still have so much to do before I stop for the night. It’s been that way for over aContinue reading “The Newspaper Article”

I know, I know

I’m behind on my blog posts. The past week got super busy and I’ve had a lot of interest in being interviewed for several projects, the radio show is being spruced up, the podcast is nearly booked solid with future guests lined up in the wings, and life has just been…cray cray! I love it!Continue reading “I know, I know”

Bartlett PD Citizens Police Academy, The Graduation

It’s official, y’all. I’m now a graduate of the Bartlett PD Citizens Police Academy as of April 14th, 2022. I also received an extra award I wasn’t even aware would be handed out, nor that knew I even QUALIFIED for. More on THAT in a bit. (Let’s just say Ole Cap had some fun atContinue reading “Bartlett PD Citizens Police Academy, The Graduation”

Bartlett PD Citizens Police Academy Week 6, Part 2, SWAT

The second half of this class was all about the SWAT division and man, was it cool! Men decked out in SWAT gear with their big-ass guns and vehicles and vests and manliness and whatnots. YAAEESSSS! Sign me UPPPP! Testosterone for daaaayyysss! It was what I’d imagine it’s like having the Extraction team there inContinue reading “Bartlett PD Citizens Police Academy Week 6, Part 2, SWAT”

Why I went silent after Elvis Week

So, after Elvis Week, things were ramping up for me with a new video series, the radio show, my podcast and more. Then, I went into radio silence. Complete black out. WHY? Gallstones. Y’all. If you ever want to get information out of me, just cause a gallbladder attack, I’ll spill the beans. Shew. I’llContinue reading “Why I went silent after Elvis Week”

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby…

Let’s talk about you and meLet’s talk about all the good thingsAnd the bad things that may be. Salt-N-Peppa for the win, BABY. Gotcha to look! hahaha! OK, in all honesty, we aren’t gonna be talkin about sex. Nope. As a matter of fact, we are gonna be talking about one of the most polarContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby…”

VOLK, Hillbilly Casino & The Delta Bombers

Howdy. On my last blog post, I mentioned that we are already in October. Well, here we are, nearly 1/2 way through already. Dang. Is anyone else having real coping issues in dealing with how fast our year has flown by? Just me? Ok, then. ( won’t mention how I’ve already put my Christmas treeContinue reading “VOLK, Hillbilly Casino & The Delta Bombers”

Happy 901 Day!

901 Day here in Memphis is a BIG day! It’s meant to show our pride for our city and our people. You may be asking “What IS 901 Day?” Well, it’s an unofficial grassroots holiday that was founded by locals Kerry Crawford and Jen Clarke sorta as an inside joke amongst friends several years backContinue reading “Happy 901 Day!”