I know, I know

I’m behind on my blog posts. The past week got super busy and I’ve had a lot of interest in being interviewed for several projects, the radio show is being spruced up, the podcast is nearly booked solid with future guests lined up in the wings, and life has just been…cray cray! I love it!Continue reading “I know, I know”

I’m looking for YOU!

Howdy y’all! Happy Saturday! I’ve got a yard eagerly waiting on me to come mow and so I’m finding any sorta busy work to keep from doing it. Sigh. Anyways…I wanted to come on here and ask a big favor of y’all cause y’all are some of the coolest folks I know. I am lookingContinue reading “I’m looking for YOU!”

Bartlett PD Citizens Police Academy, Field Day!

Public Disclaimer: if you’ve ever wanted to drive a police car like you stole it and NOT get arrested, or shoot a pistol, rifle or shotgun like a sharp shooter taking down a fugitive barricaded inside a house with hostages, this is the day you’ve been waiting for. Y’all. Outside of my singing tour inContinue reading “Bartlett PD Citizens Police Academy, Field Day!”

Bartlett PD Citizens Police Academy Week 4

Y’all. First off, let me say this: I WAS SICK THE FIRST HALF OF THE WEEK AS WELL AS LAST WEEKEND and tried to get out of this week’s class but the Captain totally “coerced” me with “Awe man. You are going to miss a fun night” and even though that doesn’t LOOK like aContinue reading “Bartlett PD Citizens Police Academy Week 4”

Bartlett PD Citizen Police Academy, Week 1

Back in November ’21, I graduated from a 9 week Citizen Police Academy (CPA) course held by the Memphis Police Department at my local precinct. It was a blast, I learned a lot, made some new friends, and it was my first “real” adventure out with strangers since the pandemic hit. It was also veryContinue reading “Bartlett PD Citizen Police Academy, Week 1”