VOLK, Hillbilly Casino & The Delta Bombers

Howdy. On my last blog post, I mentioned that we are already in October. Well, here we are, nearly 1/2 way through already. Dang. Is anyone else having real coping issues in dealing with how fast our year has flown by? Just me? Ok, then. ( won’t mention how I’ve already put my Christmas tree nightlight up in my bathroom…and YES, I have pumpkins and Halloween decor up, too!)

I have taken this month to “clean house”. I’ve been deep into a cleanse/renewal portion of my life. It’s been loooooong overdue. It’s an ongoing process, and one I whole-heartedly welcome. However, I DID take a break recently to go see some friends playing in town. Let’s talk about that!

My brothers from other mothers, Nashville-based Hillbilly Casino, the amazing Nashville-based, high octane, cowpunk duo VOLK, and Vegas-based The Delta Bombers, who’s music is considered a hybrid of 50’s rock and roll fused with swampy blues, country, and rockabilly, are all on tour together and came through Memphis. I was able to go see their show at LaFayette’s on Overton Square. I am so glad I went. For one, I got to see Nic and Ronnie, both of whom I just love and adore. Secondly, I was FINALLY able to meet Chris and Eleot, the dynamic duo that makes up VOLK, and see The Delta Bombers on stage for a bit. I have to give Chris from VOLK A HUGE SHOUTOUT because he reached out and said he’d put me on the guestlist as VOLK’s guest, which truly meant a lot, and again, says so much about how cool he and Eleot are!

First up was VOLK. Y’all, I was sooo happy to finally get to see them perform LIVE and to meet them. They were here RIGHT before Covid shut everything down and I didn’t go see them, assuming they would be back in a month or so. (You know what is said about assuming, lol) Nearly 2 years later, here we are! Both couldn’t have been nicer, more gracious and welcoming while visiting with me. They put on a FANTASTIC show and the audience was really into it. If you’ve heard their amazing songs on my radio show, I’m happy to say they are even BETTER live! We have our mutual friend, Corey Tucker, out of Nashville for introducing us! Thanks, Corey! You rock! We all agree! Oh, and Eleot and Chris, I have decided I would like to have a lit up cowboy hat like Eleot’s and a sparkly poncho like Chris’s. I’m drop dead serious. LOVE LOVE LOVE! We are working on a sit down with them for some of my various platforms, so stay tuned for more on that soon! OH, and Colleen, Chris’ girlfriend (whom he endearingly calls “A Nashville Unicorn”) was so sweet and kind and welcoming as well! HI, Colleen! I can’t wait to talk more when I can HEAR BETTER! LOL

Next up was Hillbilly Casino. What can I say about them that I haven’t said before? One thing does come to mind: it felt super strange seeing them on a weeknight and not a weekend. LOL. However, true to form, they put on an outstanding show and had the crowd up and dancing. It was great to see. Y’all already know I think of those guys like family, and so it was great to see and catch up with them again. Bonus points for being able to chat with them longer than a nanosecond this go around. I also want to give honorable mention to Nic’s newest project, The Beat Creeps, a new “Garage Rock” band with a punk feel. We will be putting some of their songs out on my radio show soon to give you all a good taste of what he’s been up to. It’s the total opposite to Hillbilly Casino and I like it. A lot. I didn’t think I would, honestly, but I do, so that’s that. Just picture Nic in leather, makeup, fishnets and heels. Trust me, it works. REALLY WELL.

Hillbilly Casino

Last to the stage was The Delta Bombers. In full transparency, I had to leave about 2 songs into their set, but what I was able to watch was really good. I didn’t get a chance to visit with them during my time there, so no pics with them, but I did get a good action shot while they were on stage.

The Delta Bombers

All in all, it was a great night. I made a new friend who’s a school teacher here in Memphis, and a pinup as well! She was super sweet and great to chat with. I invited her to sit with me while I was there, and I even saw a few other folks around the place I knew, so it was great to say hey to them all and catch up.

FINALLY meeting Eleot and Chris of VOLK!
Hanging with Hillbilly Casino after their set.
I think this one captures their true essence. LOL

Welp, it was fun to get out and be around some live music again. I have to do better about getting back out regularly, because I have SO MANY LOCAL folks I need to get out and see as well. I’m guilty of putting it off because I know they are local and play weekly. I know. I KNOW. No excuses. Whatsoever.

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  1. LOVE This!!!!!!!! All of it, not just about the HBC! (Of course, Nic is my “boy.!” Thank you! Nic’s Mom….(Hugs, Sweetie)))) Altalee

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